Short brief about Sawarna Beach,Indonesia

Dear Traveller

This time ill bring ya short brief about Sawarna Beach , later on i’ll come back will full version 😀

Buddy, If you ever go to Sawarna Beach, West Java, white sandy beaches along 65 km & paddy field around will welcome you there. The Location is about 150 km far from nearest city, we call it Rangkasbitung. Activities you can do here like surf , swim, adventure things and escape for sure.

The recommendation is please stay with my friends there, a small LOCAL WARUNG..nice people, set you up to stay overnight, give you 5 star service, seriously great people, limited english, but it does not matter at all, you can talk with move your hands anyway hahhaa


My friend (Ricky Bure ) trained them to make a dish on their menu “Cheese, tomato and spring onion Omellette served with grilled tomato and toasts” in their small kitchen and limited equipment, they did so well.

11954651_10153574393595350_7346841312615328959_n  11933412_10153574393590350_1711464102848097844_n

So, come and support these guys. let’s get rid of “indomie” on our beaches..!

Call Butir +6287741075572 for advance notice (recommended), so he can put some cold bintang in his fridge for you, or fresh fish to grill, whatever you need, he provides! He gives me a pillow when I stay overnight, ain’t that cute?


His warung is right on the main surf spot!  so What you waiting for ? move your as* & Explore Sawarna !!

  • Travel is the only thing you buy that make you richer – from internet 😀

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